Before and After Photos

Have a look at our patients’ before and after photos to the see the improvements that orthodontic treatment can make for you.

Correcting Fangs

Katy had very prominent upper canine teeth (aka “fangs”) which we corrected with upper and lower fixed braces.

Reverse Bite

Susannah didn’t like the way her lower teeth bit in front of her upper teeth. She wore upper and lower fixed braces to correct this, including wearing elastic bands form her top to her bottom teeth during treatment


When a single tooth is in reverse bite we call it a “crossbite”. Crossbites at the front of the mouth are very noticeable and many of our patients want this corrected. Bethany’s crossbite was corrected with upper and lower fixed braces.

Sticking out teeth

Upper teeth that stick out are at an increased risk of becoming damaged. Braces can gently pull the front teeth backwards to improve their appearance and make them at less risk of damage.

Multidisciplinary treatment with implants

Christine had orthodontic treatment with InVu white braces and then a dental implant to replace a front tooth. This type of “multidisciplinary” treatment involves the orthodontist and implantologist working together closely as a team.

Crowded teeth

Karis was keen to have her crooked teeth straightened to make them look nicer and to make them easier to clean. By having fixed braces fitted we have aligned the teeth to give her a nicer smile.

Crowded teeth

Jack has recently finished his orthodontic treatment, and has had a dramatic improvement in the appearance of his teeth. Jack wore upper and lower fixed metal braces for 18 months.