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We would very much like to welcome you to our website where you will find a great deal of information about orthodontics for adults, children and teenagers. We see many patients that travel to us from Redcar so you will be in good company, please take a few moments to browse the contents of our website and find out more about having straighter teeth with a specialist orthodontist.

What Orthodontic options are available?

Metal Orthodontic Braces

Sometimes known as train track braces, metal braces are the traditional option for straightening teeth. They are preferred by many orthodontists as they offer the most flexibility to move your teeth into the best position, however many patients prefer to have more discreet braces which this is why we offer a range of alternatives as below.

Metal Braces with no colours

Metal Braces with no colours

White braces, A viable alternative

White braces offer many of the advantages of metal braces and are a viable alternative to the classic train track metal orthodontics that so many people are used to. White braces are in fact tooth coloured and are almost imperceptible when viewed at a distance, take a look at this photograph of one of our patients below wearing these amazing tooth coloured braces.

One of our patients wearing white braces

Clear braces with Invisalign® teen

There are some teenagers who would prefer not to have fixed braces at all, if this is the case then we are able to offer these almost invisible aligners. Invisalign is a revolutionary advance in the technology of orthodontics. It uses computer technology to create your new smile and then prepare a series of clear aligners designed exclusively for you.

Each aligner is typically worn for around two weeks when it will be replaced with a new one, each aligner gently moving the teeth to a slightly new position. By replacing the aligners we can move teeth a considerable distance and achieve some excellent results using Invisalign.

In some cases it may be required to move back teeth also, or perhaps to rearrange your bite, if this is the case then invisible and may not be suitable and we may need to use conventional fixed orthodontics in either metal or white options.

Damon braces

Damon braces are a fixed orthodontic system with a difference, they have a slightly different design to the conventional metal and white brackets meaning they can move teeth slightly quicker, with less force and therefore be more comfortable.

Because the wires have a tendency to be slightly thinner they also look more aesthetic than the metal braces which makes them often more acceptable.

Damon braces

Am I suitable for orthodontics?

As a specialist orthodontic practice We are able to see both adults and children alike. So if you are an adult and missed out on orthodontics as a child, or perhaps you had orthodontics and your teeth moved back to their old position again, then there is no need to live with crooked teeth.

Invisalign is also available for adults and so you too can enjoy clear braces and straighter teeth with no one else knowing. For more severe teeth straightening procedure is we can also use metal or white braces on adults also.

So, as long as you are dentally fit and healthy then you are sure to be a candidate for adult orthodontics. The best way to find out sure is to request a free consultation by filling in the form to the right of this page.

What is a specialist orthodontist?

A specialist orthodontist has undergone a Masters degree after their conventional dentistry degree, they have then been entered on to a specialist register with the Gen dental Council and can call themselves a specialist orthodontist.

This means a specialist orthodontist is able to undertake more severe cases with teeth that are in more awkward positions that a general dentist would not be able to undertake with some of the limited outcome orthodontic options available to them.

A specialist orthodontist will also be more up-to-date with some of the modern techniques available to move teeth into their new positions and so you are sure to get the best treatment designed exclusively for you.


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Directions from Redcar

Your drive will take approximately 20 min and is 10.5 miles

Starting out in Redcar

  • Continue to Nunthorpe
  • Exit the roundabout onto Ormesby Bank/A171
  • Continue to follow A171
  • Go through 2 roundabouts
  • Take A66 to Borough Rd. Take the exit toward Middlehaven/North Ormesby from A66
  • Follow Borough Rd to Baker St
  • Turn left onto Borough Rd
  • Turn right onto Linthorpe Rd
  • Take the 1st right onto Baker St
  • Our orthodontic practice would be on the left-hand side

Car Parking

Short stay car parking is available outside the practice on Baker Street and on adjoining Bedford Street, including disabled bays.

Longer stay parking is available in the Mall and at Captain Cook’s Square:

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