Testimonial – Carly

Hi, my name is Carly  and I am 23 years old.

I wanted braces because I was self conscious about my teeth.  When I look back at photos of my smile I was upset at how ugly my teeth looked.  So I decided to go to a consultation about getting a brace.  I was so excited to get my brace fitted and even more excited to see the results.

People kept asking me if I was scared to get a brace at my age, but braces seem to be more of a fashion statement, which made me feel confident when I got my brace.  Some older people at work have also asked me about my brace which has inspired them to get treatment too.

When I got my brace, my overall care for my teeth improved.  I was brushing my teeth at least four times a day and using mouth wash on a morning and night.  I also stopped drinking fizzy drinks and avoided hard foods that could damage my brace.

I was told that I would have my brace on for about 12-18 months, after 13 months my brace was ready to come off.  I was so surprised at how quickly my teeth had changed.

When I got my brace off I couldn’t stop smiling.  My teeth feel and look amazing, I am so happy with the results.  I now have to wear unnoticeable retainers which will keep my teeth straight.

Before & After Close up Smile
The staff at Cleveland Orthodontics are so friendly and helpful, they have brought my smile back and I would like to say a massive thank you!