Testimonial – Charlotte

Cleveland Orthodontics have changed my life, so I’d like to start by saying thank you to Dr Charlton and everyone else who helped with my treatment.

Before my braces, I used to hate smiling for photographs and now I can’t help but smile. My teeth used to be crooked and overlapping, but they are now perfectly straight and have given me much more confidence.

I was initially worried about how the braces would look and that people would make nasty comments about my train tracks, but I couldn’t have been more wrong, some of the people in my classes were envious of me because I had the opportunity to correct my teeth.

My braces were only really noticed by the people who knew they were there. I was worried that my treatment would be very painful, both when my braces were adjusted and finally when they were removed, but I was pleasantly surprised. Mrs Charlton was very gentle and considerate during every visit to Cleveland Orthodontics, she also offered reassurance and explained what she was doing to my teeth.

To begin with, when I first had my brace put on, it felt like there was far too much in my mouth, but that soon wore off as I became used to them and I forgot that they were there, as did the people around me.

I was quite scared when I went to have them removed, as I thought that it would really hurt, I was also worried about what my teeth would actually look like. Again I was wrong, I hardly noticed the removal of my braces, except that it felt like there was something missing from my mouth. I wasn’t aloud to see my new teeth until I had visited the hygienist who cleaned my teeth and made the moulds for my retainers. I was so surprised by the teeth in my mouth that I looked in every mirror that I went past because I couldn’t believe that they were my teeth.

When I received my retainers it was impossible for others to tell that I was wearing them, due to them being made of clear plastic, this again improved my confidence immensely. Now I only wear my retainer during the night and I am used to the complements about my teeth and the way that they look, so much so that I was surprised to see how bad my teeth used to be in older pictures and I am so amazed and impressed at Cleveland Orthodontics for making my teeth look this fabulous.

Charlotte Before & After Photo