Testimonial – Clare

I’d always disliked my teeth. My teeth were very crooked and overcrowded, and I was always extremely conscious of my teeth and smile. This in turn affected my general level of self esteem and self-confidence. I disliked having my photograph taken, and would put my hand in front of my mouth to cover my teeth.

After meeting my orthodontist, I realised that treatment could easily be provided. During the initial consultation, he explained the whole treatment process and what was involved, and some impressions were taken. My orthodontist then liaised with my dentist regarding my treatment plan and extractions required.

I had white braces fitted to both my upper and lower teeth. I was surprised that the fitting of the braces caused very little discomfort. Initially the brace felt strange, and eating and drinking was a challenge! However, I quickly adjusted to having the brace.
I needed to have the brace tightened every 6 weeks, which only caused mild discomfort over the following 24 hours.

In total, my treatment lasted 18 months. I did not feel embarrassed or self conscious about wearing the braces. White braces in comparison to metal braces are very discreet, so much so that some of my friends and colleagues failed to notice that they had been fitted!!

It’s difficult to put into words my delight at the results. I feel better because I look better. My level of self-esteem and self-confidence has been vastly boosted. It is the best investment I have ever made, the results of which will last a lifetime.

I can now smile with confidence!! I would recommend orthodontic treatment to anyone.