Testimonial – Jacqueline

I have always been unhappy with my teeth, and have always mentioned it to my dentist over the years, but nothing ever came of it. I changed dentists about 8 years ago, to a lovely lady who, when I asked for her opinion, told me that I had good teeth that would last me a lifetime, so why not have them perfect, even at my age.

She advised me to go to Cleveland Orthodontics. I was very nervous, and thought they would think I was silly to want to have a brace at my age, but they were fantastic! They put me completely at ease and told me treatment would be straightforward.

I started my treatment the next week, in February 2012. I signed up to the ‘Gold Plan’ and my brace was fitted painlessly. I was thrilled to be on my way to a perfect smile!

My brace was adjusted every 8 weeks, or thereabouts. I did have slight discomfort each time for about 24 hours, but cheered myself up by remembering that the pain was my teeth on the move.  Each check up was very quick, and relaxed. I remember looking at my orthodontist, who had a beautiful straight smile, and wanting teeth like that!

I had the brace removed after exactly a year, in February 2013. I was so excited to see the result. First of all the Orthodontist removed the brace, and then I went into the hygienist to have them cleaned. The result was amazing! I was so thrilled with how my teeth looked I actually cried with excitement when I left the appointment.

I then got fitted with a retainer, which I use regularly, and the only regret I now have is that I didn’t do this years ago.

I would definitely recommend Cleveland Orthodontics, for a fantastic friendly service and great results.