Testimonial – Laura

Before I got my braces, going to the dentist was the bain of my life, I hated it!

When I was told I needed braces I was dreading it. On my first visit I was very anxious and scared, but was made to feel very comfortable and relaxed thanks to the lovely assistants.

My orthodontist went on to explain how my treatment would work and after 4 extractions within a few weeks I had my braces on. It did feel abit strange at first but didn’t hurt as much as I had expected which I was very pleased about.

I had regular appointments to get my braces tightened and it wasn’t long before I could see a massive improvement in how my teeth looked. I also had the colours changed, which was always a struggle because there are so many to choose from!

It took around 18 months but when I was finally told my teeth were perfect and I could have my braces off, I was ecstatic. I started a daily countdown and was relieved when the day came.

I am now very very pleased with my new smile… and can’t stop smiling! And it’s all down to the wonderful staff at Cleveland Orthodontics.

Before & After Frontal SmileBefore & After Close up smile