Testimonial – Liam

On my first visit to see my orthodontist, I was scared because I didn’t know what to expect, but on arriving they were very nice and made me feel at ease.

My orthodontist explained to me what he was going to do with my teeth. This made me feel a lot better knowing that he was going to give me straight teeth, and I wouldn’t be embarrassed anymore to smile.
As my treatment began, I was able to choose what colours I liked. They had all the colours of the rainbow for me to choose from. When my brace was fitted, I was scared because I heard that it really hurt, and that I would be in agony for days. But after it was fitted, I had no pain what so ever, and they felt comfortable to wear.

I was shown how to take care of the braces, which was important because I would have just brushed them the regular way. It wasn’t as hard as it looked.

Going to school was the test. I thought that my mates would have took the Mick, but not one of them did. Instead, they said it was fashion. When I looked around, I saw other people wearing braces as well. I didn’t stand out, I was part of the crowd!

Now I have had my braces taken off (which, by the way, didn’t hurt), I have the perfect smile I’ve always wanted. I’m not embarrassed any more. Now I wear a retainer which I can take out when I eat, and my perfect teeth are all thanks to the staff at Cleveland Orthodontics. A big thumbs up to all!!