Testimonial – Mark

Before I got my braces fitted my teeth where very overcrowded and I had to get some teeth taken out to allow my brace to be fitted. Personally, I didn’t really mind getting braces fitted because I was ensured the process with Cleveland Orthodontics would be very easy and simple.

Once my braces where fitted I had to come back every few weeks to get my braces tightened and every appointment was quick and straight forward because I knew I was around experienced workers at Cleveland Orthodontics.

Throughout having my braces I was advised about things I definitely shouldn’t eat or drink like fizzy drinks, crisps and chocolate which I cut down on since I got my brace.

At every appointment I would be asked about my teeth and if I thought anything was wrong so they could correct it and I also could choose the colour of my elastics which was a bonus.

Today I am going to get my retainer fitted, and I have been advised how often to wear my retainers and how to clean them.

Over the past year my experience has been perfect and I would strongly recommend Cleveland Orthodontics to anyone because I know that you will be very pleased with the overall process of getting your braces fitted.

My teeth are now perfect and I am very pleased with the outcome All thanks to Cleveland Orthodontics I now have a smile I can be happy with.

Before & After Frontal SmileBefore & After Close up smile