Testimonial – Nadia

My teeth were crooked and I didn’t have the confidence to smile. But with the help of Cleveland Orthodontics, I have a nice smile.

My first visit involved me telling the orthodontist what I thought about my teeth, and he had a look at my teeth. Before getting my brace, I had some impressions taken of my teeth, which was easily done and did not hurt.

The next visit lasted about 5 minutes. Little rubber rings were placed in between my back teeth. This was so that my brace could be fitted more comfortably on my next visit.

My third visit lasted about 45 minutes. The metal squares (called “brackets”) were fitted on with glue. It did not hurt. Metal rings were placed between my back teeth, which was not painful. The wires were then tied to the brackets.

For a few days after, my teeth felt tender. My teeth also felt tender after I had them tightened up, which was every 6 weeks. It only lasted a few days.

Getting my brace off was straight forward. The brackets were clicked off, and my teeth were polished. Finally, impressions of my straight teeth were taken.

Thanks to everyone at Cleveland Orthodontics. I now have the confidence to smile!!