Testimonial – Patricia

The decision to have fixed braces at 56 was not an easy one. As a teenager and young adult my teeth were perfect but over the years they moved and I was embarrassed with the smile I then had. The deciding factor was when a young niece asked me why I had a sticky out tooth!

My dentist referred me to Cleveland Orthodontics and the consultation I received filled me with hope that my smile would be admired once again.

I had clear fixed braces fitted as I felt that as an adult and a teacher I didn’t want them to be obvious. This was certainly the case and many people were surprised that I had them once I had told them; an added bonus was that my kudos with the pupils grew!

The treatment wasn’t painful and I was consulted throughout all procedures which made me feel confident and in control.

Today they were removed and I am thrilled with the results. The smile I once had is back after just 11 months!

Before & After Close up Smile