Testimonial – Sisan

Before I got my braces I was very scared that it would hurt to get them put on or that they would be very uncomfortable, but I was wrong!

When I got them they didn’t hurt much and they felt like normal after about a week. I could eat most foods that I could eat before I had them put on and they didn’t need too much looking after. All I had to do was brush my teeth twice a day and use mouthwash at night – pretty simple!

I went to the orthodontist’s every three weeks to have them checked and to change the colour which was quite good. My friends used to try and guess which colour I’d go for next (it was usually grey or black).

After I got my braces off I had to wear retainers but they were very practical. I could take them off whenever I wanted (to eat and during PE and stuff) and they were very unnoticeable. When I got told that I didn’t have to wear my retainers anymore and that my treatment was over I was very happy.

My teeth looked great and it I could smile without worrying about what my teeth looked like. Everyone’s always telling me how great my teeth look. I think that it has definitely been worth having braces!