Testimonial – Sonia

Before I had my braces my teeth were a big issue for me. They were very crooked, I was really conscious of them and I wasn’t very confident smiling. I only ever smiled with my mouth closed and didn’t really like to show my teeth a lot.

When I was told I was getting referred for braces I was very excited to get them on but I was worried and felt quite nervous as I was expecting it to hurt a lot and I didn’t know what else I had to do, for example I had no clue how to specifically clean my braces or what I should eat.

All of my question were answered, as at my first appointment a nurse spoke to me and told me everything I wanted and needed to know like what type of brace I’d be getting, how long they’d be on for and how to care for them and much more.

Getting my braces on didn’t hurt at all and after getting them on I felt much happier and couldn’t wait till my teeth started moving.

Just after a few weeks I’d already seen my teeth move massively and I was extremely happy with the way things were going.

Now my braces are off and the process didn’t hurt at all. My teeth are so much better than what I expected them to be like, I love them! The process was more than worth it and I’m so happy I’ve had my braces. I am so much more confident and happy now and I love my new teeth, all thanks to Cleveland Orthodontics!Before & After Close up Smile