Testimonial – Tommy

My teeth were really crooked and as I was becoming a teenager I wanted my teeth sorting out. I was a bit nervous of the thought of having a brace on, but on my very first visit I was made to feel relaxed and was explained in every detail what would happen . I was also shown the choices of braces and retainers.

My Mam and I decided on the Platinum Plan were I could have a white brace and also Saturday appointments. On my next visit my brace was fitted without any pain at all. The next day at school I was the envy of all my friends! They had never seen a white brace before. My diet had also improved 100% as I gave up chocolate, sweets and fizzy drinks.

I have now had the braces taken off and now have my invisible retainer which I remove while I eat. It is so easy to remove and put back in again. My teeth are perfect now and I haven’t had the brace on as long as I thought. I can now smile with confidence thanks to Cleveland Orthodontics.