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What Orthodontic options are available?

Metal braces.

These are the classic train track braces, they are often a preferred option as they provide some of the most effective ways to straighten crooked teeth. This type of race is available to our NHS patients and our private patients on our silver plan plan.

These metal brackets are fixed to your teeth with wires which interconnect them, these wires have tension on them which gently straighten your teeth pulling them into the correct position. Some patients like to have various coloured bands, this can be offered if you would like at no additional charge.

Metal Braces with no colours

Metal Braces with no colours

White braces.

White braces for all of the same orthodontic benefits of metal braces but have the added advantage that they are almost imperceptible was being worn. This makes them far less noticeable which many children and adults prefer.

Our goal plan offers White braces that the upper teeth and traditional metal braces for the lower teeth, this is often an excellent option for most people.

One of our patients wearing white braces

Invisalign braces

Invisalign braces utilise some of the most modern techniques in dentistry today. Your teeth are moved using a series of clear aligners, each aligner moves your teeth a small amount. You replace your aligners approximately every two weeks, each aligner is effectively an almost invisible brace in itself, moving your teeth  a small amount each time.

Invisalign cost Durham

When considering the cost of Invisalign you should ensure that all appointments, retainers and extras are included. A typical treatment which could be included is air polishing to ensure your new straight teeth are as white as possible.

Invisalign costs between £2680 and £3680 depending upon the length of treatment and the number of aligners required.

Invisalign before and after

INV048-Smile-Gallery_01 INV048-Smile-Gallery_06 INV048-Smile-Gallery_13

Invisalign before and after photographs credit:

Invisalign reviews

We’re so fortunate to have many happy patients leave reviews for us about their orthodontic treatment, including Invisalign, here is just a small collection.

“Just had my braces fitted and can’t recommend this place enough! Such a quick process from my consultation (just a couple of weeks). Everyone has been so friendly and helpful made me feel totally at ease” – Aimee Ross

Invisalign review

“They are lovely staff talk about all that is available and makes it easy to understand the treatment times and offer the care after the full corse I would recommend this service to anyone” – Debi Tate

Invisalign review

Invisalign versus braces

InvisalignMetal braces
How does it workUses a series of clear aligners to straighten your teeth without wires or brackets.Uses fixed braces with wires and brackets to move teeth to straighter alignment.
Nearly invisibleYESNo. Most metal braces are visible to some extent.
Removable during treatmentYESNo. You cannot remove the braces and need to clean carefully in between brackets and wires daily.
Treatment doesn't involve metal that can irritate cheeks and gumsYESNo. The brackets and wires can irritate the gums and your cheek.
Allows you to brush and floss normally during treatmentYESNo. Flossing can be more difficult and you may need to use interdental brushes instead.
Provides a clear defined and virtual treatment plan from the start to completion of treatmentYESWhilst your orthodontist will have a clearly defined plan you may not be able to see what this is prior to beginning treatment.

Invisalign® teen.

This is an almost invisible clear orthodontic system designed specifically for teenagers. The braces are not permanently fixed to your teenagers teeth and come in the form of clear plastic liners. Each aligner is one for approximately 2 weeks and then replaced for a new aligner which will gently move the teeth of a new position, each aligner mostly just a small amount.

This means the orthodontic braces are easy to keep clean and your teenager can have their teeth straightened with no one else knowing.

Damon braces.

These braces are similar to metal and white braces back cover slightly different design to them meaning they are easier to clean, offer slightly gentler forces and have fewer visits. These braces are available on our platinum plan and look more discreet than conventional metal braces.

Damon braces.

Who can be treated with orthodontics?

As a specialist orthodontic practice we are able to offer the people of Durham adult and children’s orthodontics. This means that if you didn’t have orthodontic treatment when you were younger, or indeed if you’re orthodontic treatment has relapsed, you don’t have to go through your entire adult life with crooked teeth.

We often find that parents come to us with their children and end up having treatment themselves when they see the amazing results that their child has achieved.

Why see a specialist orthodontist?

More and more general dental practices are now offering orthodontic treatments, whilst these can be good short-term orthodontic options they tend to have limited outcomes, especially for moving the back teeth which have larger roots.

If your teeth are particularly crowded, crooked, rotated or overlapping then you may find that your general dentist is not able to provide the orthodontic treatment you require. If you have a large overbite or under bite then again, you may need to see a specialist orthodontist in order to move your teeth to the correct position.

As specialists we also do not offer any other form of dentistry, meaning we have our entire focus on straightening teeth and achieving your perfect smile.

NHS Orthodontics

A common question is “Can I get braces on NHS?”.

We are proud to offer NHS orthodontic treatments for qualifying patients in the Durham area. Qualification for NHS orthodontics is based on the Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need (IOTN), this is an objective and reliable way to select those children which may benefit from NHS treatment on the limited NHS resources available.

Patients with a low score on the IOTN scale may find they do not qualify to see an NHS orthodontist. If your score on this scale is low it could mean that your teeth are not particularly crooked and having treatment may only have minimal benefit. Teeth straightening on the NHS may then not be available and you may wish to consider private options if you still want to have orthodontic braces.

We will always endeavour to begin any treatment as soon as possible however you may find there is a short NHS waiting list prior to being able to begin your orthodontic treatment.

More information about how we decide whether you qualify for NHS treatment can be found here.


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