Your Yarm Orthodontist

Thank you for visiting the Cleveland orthodontics website. Being just a short 17 min drive from Yarm we are the perfect choice for adult and children’s orthodontics if you live in this wonderful part of Teeside.

As a specialist orthodontist we offer a range of services to help you or your child have straighter teeth and have a more confident smile, so whether you are looking for details about children’s NHS & private orthodontics or you are looking to have treatment as an adult, we know we have an option to suit.

What options are available straighter teeth?

We primarily have four different options available to you, these are:

  • Conventional metal braces.
  • Fixed white braces.
  • Invisalign® clear braces for adults and teens.
  • Damon Braces

Let’s look at each of these options in a little more detail.

Conventional metal braces

Metal Braces

Classically called train track braces these are often the preferred choice wherever possible. They offer the most cost-effective treatment (and are normally available on the NHS) and give your orthodontist the greatest chance of achieving the straightest smile.

The braces are permanently fixed to your teeth with wires which stretch between them, some teeth are used as anchors to move other teeth. The nature of these fixed braces means your orthodontist has complete control over how /she wishes to move your teeth.

Some patients prefer to have coloured bands used on this type of brace, it makes them look a little more appealing and fun, especially for younger people wearing them. There is no extra charge for having coloured bands, so please do ask us when you see us.

Fixed White braces.

If you would prefer to have more discreet braces then the conventional metal braces named above then we can offer the same treatments but with white/tooth coloured brackets. These brackets offer all of the advantages of conventional metal fixed orthodontics but offer a more cosmetic and aesthetic solution.

Generally speaking we would provide you with white braces for the top teeth and metal braces for the lower teeth.

Before & After Close up Smile

Invisalign® Clear Braces For Adults.

InvisalignInvisalign offers you the option to have straighter teeth with no one else knowing. In order to move teeth we have to put a slight amount of pressure on them in a very specific area and direction, with fixed orthodontics we do this by means of brackets and wires, with these clear braces it is done by means of a clear aligner.

We will be providing you with a series of aligners which you will typically wear for two weeks each. Each aligner puts a small amount of pressure onto your tooth in the correct position to move it to your desired position. Each time you change your aligner for a new one that pressure continues until your tooth has moved.

Treatment takes approximately one year with these clear braces although this can vary significantly depending on the amount of correction required.

The cost of Invisalign®

The cost of Invisalign varies depending upon a couple of factors, firstly the number of aligners you may be required to have, this is dictated by the complexity of your case and the amount of tooth movement required. The second factor which determines the cost of Invisalign is whether you want just the top teeth straightened or both top and bottom teeth.

Invisalign cost typically starts from £2680. Full details of our orthodontic fees can be found here.

You may also be able to apply for finance to pay for orthodontic treatments, this makes treatment more affordable and spreads the cost over an extended period.

Invisalign® Clear Braces for Teenagers.

Invisalign teenWhen offering clear braces to teenagers the technique is modified slightly. A small blue signalling dot is included on the device which means you and your orthodontist can monitor compliance. This blue dot fades over time so that we know your teenager is wearing the device.

Because the Invisalign® teen braces are removable it allows teenager to play musical instruments and take the appliance out to eat making it a very convenient and comfortable option to straighten teeth.

Damon braces.

Damon braces are very similar to fixed orthodontic braces but with one significant difference, they have a revolutionary design of the bracket. The brackets are made from a clear material so are far less noticeable, they also use a new way of attaching the wire to the bracket.

Conventionally the wires are attached to the brackets with bands, these bands can effectively act as a brake meaning that the tooth movement is slightly slower. The Damon braces system uses a different design which removes the need to use these bands, this means the teeth are able to move quicker using the Damon system.

Damon braces.

Can I see an NHS orthodontist?

In years gone by it only used to be children that had orthodontics but with the advent of clear, tooth coloured and Damon braces this treatment has grown to encompass adults as well.

We are able to offer NHS orthodontics to the local children of Yarm and private orthodontics for any adults. Prior to commencing any form of treatment will always provide you with a full treatment plan so that you can see any costs incurred and the likely treatment time.

Qualifying for NHS orthodontics

We use the Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need (IOTN) scale to assess a child’s need for treatment. If your score is low on this scale then it may be that the teeth are  not that crooked, in this case providing treatment will not always be necessary but could make teeth look nicer. We will always let you know if your child qualifies for NHS orthodontics prior to beginning any treatment.

This means you begin treatment fully informed, fully aware and ready to be delighted!

Do we offer general dentistry as well?

No, we are a specialist orthodontic practice limited to the treatment of straightening teeth by designing perfect smiles only. A specialist orthodontist will be looking at your entire face shape and often working with the bone of your jaw as it grows from childhood through to adolescence. This is called dental facial orthopaedics and is one of the reasons why a specialist stands out from a general dental practitioner offering limited outcome orthodontic treatments.

How to find us

Cleveland Orthodontics
32-36 Baker Street

Telephone: 01642 243 080

Driving directions from Yarm

Your drive will take approximately 20 min and is 8.3 miles

From Yarm, Stockton-on-Tees

  1. Take A135 and A66 to Linthorpe Rd in Middlesbrough
  2. Head northeast on Worsall Rd toward High St/A67
  3. Turn left onto High St/A67
  4. Continue to follow A67
  5. Keep right to continue on A135
  6. Go through 1 roundabout
  7. At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto the A66 ramp to North Middlesbrough/South Middlesbrough/A19
  8. Merge onto A66
  9. Take the exit toward M’bro Centre (W)
  10. At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto B1272
  11. Drive to Baker St
  12. Turn left onto Linthorpe Rd
  13. Take the 1st right onto Baker St
  14. Cleveland Orthodontics will be on the left

Travelling from Yarm by bus

Your journey should take approximately 26 min including walking time.

  1. Take the Manchester airport to Middlesbrough Bus. Stop ID YRM, this service is run by First Trans-Pennine express
  2. Stay on the train at Thornaby
  3. a light at Middlesbrough
  4. walk from Middlesbrough to our practice which takes approximately 8 min and is just under half a mile.

Car Parking

Short stay car parking is available outside the practice on Baker Street and on adjoining Bedford Street, including disabled bays.

Longer stay parking is available in the Mall and at Captain Cook’s Square:

local car parking