Invisalign involves wearing a series of clear “aligners” instead of fixed braces, as shown below. The aligners can be taken in and out.

  • State-of-the-art technology

    The Invisalign technique involves having a set of about 20 custom-made aligners fit over your teeth. You change the aligners every two weeks.

    Since the aligners are all slightly different shapes, they gently and gradually guide the teeth into their new straight position.

    The technology involved in making the aligners is advanced, and involves sending impressions of your teeth to the Invisalign Corporation in California where they are laser scanned.

  • Invisible braces – smile with confidence!

    The aligners are made out of clear plastic and are very thin so that people will not notice that you are wearing them! You can have confidence during your treatment and not worry about people noticing that you have braces.

  • Easy to clean – more convenient

    Because you can take the aligners out, you can brush your teeth as normal. Food won’t get stuck around your braces and you won’t have to spend more time cleaning around any brackets or wires!

  • Eat what you want to eat

    Aligners can be removed for your main meal, so you don’t have to alter what you would normally eat or worry about breaking your braces on hard or sticky foods

  • More comfortable

    Our patients find that there is less discomfort with aligners compared to fixed braces, as there are no wires or brackets to rub against your lips and tongue. The aligners are quite thin and smooth and so are a lot easier to get on with !

Your orthodontist will be able to advise you on whether Invisalign is an appropriate technique for your treatment.

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