White Braces

The appearance of the metal braces during the treatment can be off-putting to some people. Many would prefer to have braces that are less noticeable and that blend in more with their natural teeth.

Full upper and lower white braces

We can now offer full white braces as part of our Platinum Plan. These look a lot nicer than the metal braces and allow you to have the confidence of a more natural and pleasing appearance during your treatment.

Metal/white brace combination – discrete braces at a more affordable price

Our Gold Plan uses white braces for the upper front teeth, and metal braces for the back and lower teeth. This allows us to keep the cost of treatment down, whilst still giving our patients confidence during their treatment.

Cleveland Orthodontics uses the InVu™ ceramic bracket system, which combines excellent aesthetics with reliable strength and performance. For more information about ceramic brackets, visit www.invubraces.com