“How I got my smile in only 12 months”


This is Yasser, who came to Cleveland Orthodontics to have his smile fixed. One year later, it was “MISSION COMPLETE” !

Here are his “before” and “after” photos…and you can read what we did for each of his visits.

STEP-BY-STEP : HOW IT HAPPENED (click on highlighted text to learn more)

Visit 1

Orthodontic treatment planned in detail : x-rays, photographs and impressions taken. It was decided that Yasser did not need any teeth taken out. All aspects of the planned treatment discussed with Yasser.

Visit 2

Metal braces (with colours) fitted. Read more about how braces are fitted. This took us about 45 minutes. Advice given on how to keep braces clean and healthy.

Visit 3-8

Brace “tightened” gradually to bring teeth into line. Read more about how braces are tightened and how the wires in braces work. One visit included repairing a breakage. Overall Yasser had only one breakage and took good care of his brace, having followed the advice that we had given for brace care.

Visit 9

Teeth straight at last! Final check to ensure that Yasser was happy with the result.

Visit 10

Braces taken off and impressions/ photographs taken.

Visit 11

Retainers fitted and advice given so that Yasser’s teeth can stay straight for years to come. Read why retainers are so important.

About Cleveland Orthodontics

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