4 fabulous features of Invisalign™


Invisalign Aligner[5]Invisalign™ has allowed thousands of adults in the UK to have their teeth straightened.

So what is it that makes Invisalign™ so different?

  1. Clearly confident

    There are no wires, no squares, no elastics. Invisalign™ uses clear aligners which only you will know that you are wearing.

    This means you can go about your day-to-day life without anyone knowing you are having your teeth straightened.

    Great if you have a special occasion coming up or if you are customer-facing at work.

  2. Eat what you like

    The aligners are removable so you can take them out for meal times.

    So you can continue to enjoy the food that you enjoy without worrying about damaging your aligners.

  3. Made just for you

    The aligners are made to fit snuggly around your teeth by using a design process based on digital imaging software.

    That means that the aligners tend to be more comfortable on your lips and cheeks.

  4. Great results

    Invisalign™ technology gets better and better. Each year the company invests in Research and Development so that the technique becomes more effective.

    That allows orthodontists to use Invisalign™ for more and more types of dental problems.

How do I start my Invisalign™ journey?

A FREE consultation can be easily arranged with our friendly team.

Simply fill in the form you can see at the top of this website page or telephone us on 01642 243 080.

Or you can email: enquiries@clevelandorthodontics.co.uk

One of our specialist orthodontists will discuss what your options are for tooth straightening and our treatment coordinators will show you some examples of how Invisalign™ might work for you.

Interest-free payment plans are available. We will provide an information pack with all these details for you to take home.

If Invisalign™ is not an appropriate for you, we can show you what other options you may have.

These may include white braces or Damon™ braces. You may even be able to have one of our “quick’ brace treatments which are more affordable.

About Cleveland Orthodontics

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We offer NHS orthodontic treatment for children and a range of modern white and “invisible” braces for adults of all ages such as Invisalign. FREE consultations are available… you can either telephone for an appointment on 01642 243 020 or book through our website.