5 wonderful ways to make brace-wearing a breeze!


How uncomfortable are braces?

This must be the commonest question that we get asked by our new patients that we see at Cleveland Orthodontics here in Middlesbrough each week.

shutterstock_119273800The short and honest answer is “Yes, they are uncomfortable but only at first”.

Most patients have five or so days of discomfort and then things settle down. Some find it a little harder, others hardly skip a beat and barely notice their new braces.

So if you’re thinking of taking the plunge yourself with metal braces, white braces, Damon braces or Invisalign, here are a few pointers to help you along your way.

1.   Wax on!

To help stop the wires and squares (called brackets) from rubbing on your lips and cheeks, we can provide strips of wax that you can press over the bits that are rubbing so that everything feels a little smoother.

Over the days after braces are fitting, the inside of your lips and cheeks become a little tougher(a bit like callouses on your hands) so ulcers are usually only a temporary thing.

2.   Choose what you chew

We will advise you on foods that you should avoid so that you don’t make your mouth too sore and don’t cause your braces to break.

We will also tells you about HOW to eat your food. Chewing carefully and slowly is the key, as well as cutting your food up into smaller pieces. Sometimes people’s jaw muscles can ache at first so this will help to keep any discomfort to a minimum.

3.   Keep braces bright & clean

We are really keen on clean braces as orthodontists. If braces are kept in a good condition, there is less chance of swollen gums and more chance that any ulcers you may have will heal up quickly.

On the day braces are fitted, our team will show you how to clean around your mouth and talk you through your oral hygiene pack which contains all the special tooth brushes that you will need.

We will also show you where to find information on brace cleaning on the Support Section of our website including our Brace Care Videos.

4.   Time it right

Some people prefer to have braces fitted when they know they do not have to go straight back to work or school (although it is perfectly fine to do so if you want).

So if you have a weekend off or some holiday coming, we will do our best to organize your brace fitting around you.

5.   Connect with us so we can help!

We are using social media more and more to reply to patients’ enquiries and to provide support throughout their treatment.

Our team monitor FB and Twitter throughout the day so that we can get the right advice back to you instantly… without you having to get out of the office to make a phone call!


You can read about what our patients say on our Testimonials Section of our website.

We have asked them to give honest account of what wearing a brace is like so it’s a great place to start if you are wondering whether to go ahead yourself.

Why not come along to your first appointment anyway? Ask us all the questions you like, and then you can decide for yourself!

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