Can mouthwash save your teeth?


Can mouthwash stop your teeth from falling out?

A recent high profile mouthwash advert ( featured in Tube stations, on TV and in cinemas) shows a young women waking up to find her teeth starting to fall out.

The brand message is that using the mouthwash will save your teeth. And some dental professionals are not happy with this. Here’s why.

What causes teeth to fall out?

Gum disease is caused by plaque which builds up around the neck of the tooth. This causes the gum to become red and inflamed…which is why having blood in your saliva when you spit out after tooth brushing is an early sign of having gum disease.

If gum disease is left untreated, it can lead to periodontal disease. This is where the attachment of the tooth to the bone becomes destroyed, causing a “pocket” between the root of the tooth and the bone…which can ultimately lead to the tooth falling out.

So why are some dental professionals up in arms?

Mouthwash does not address the CAUSE of gum disease, which is plaque. Only good tooth brushing and flossing can do this.

And mouthwash does not cure periodontal disease once it gets a foothold…that is a job for your dental professional to manage.

Yes, mouthwash can help, but only as part of an overall program of support and treatment ( where necessary) by your dental team.


The worry is that people may think that a daily swill with a mouthwash will be sufficient to keep gum disease at bay.

That will stop bleeding gums….but it won’t get rid of what is causing the bleeding gums.

So the bottom line is : If you have bleeding gums ( or loose teeth!), don’t rely on a mouthwash.

You need to seek help from a friendly dental team who can help you brush and floss effectively, and provide any specialist gum treatment that may be needed.

So is mouthwash any good?

It can be…it depends what you are using it for.

You can read more about different mouthwashes here.

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