Do dummies do damage?


do dummies do damage?

At Cleveland Orthodontics, mums and dads often ask the orthodontist whether previous dummy sucking habits have caused their child to need orthodontic brace treatment.

Many parents know that prolonged thumb-or finger-sucking can cause dental problems…but is it the same for dummies?

Orthodontic problems

Thankfully dummies rarely cause lasting problems with the position of the teeth.

Thumb- or finger-sucking is much more of a problem with one in eight children over the age of seven having a prolonged habit.

Dummy habits are usually gone by the time the adult teeth start to appear at 6 years of age. The commonest effect for the baby teeth is an “open bite” between the upper and lower front teeth.

As long as the habit is stopped by the age of six, these effects usually improve spontaneously.

If the habit persists, orthodontic problems can occurs and it is best to seek advice from your dentist who may be able to give some direct counselling to your child…sometimes that can do the trick!

See for tips on breaking a dummy habit.

Tooth decay

Dummies should never be dipped into sweet liquids such as sweetened drinks, fruit juices, fizzy drinks or honey. Severe tooth decay can occur as the sugar is held against the baby teeth by the dummy for prolonged amounts of time.

This also gives a baby a “sweet tooth” at an early age which can lead to further sugar consumption in later years.

When to take your baby for his/her first dental appointment?

As soon as possible!  Read more about how to make your children’s’ trips to the dentist easier.

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