It’s in your kiss…


ID-10011251Each one of us is different in many different ways.

Which is particularly handy for forensic teams at crime scenes, whether trying to gather evidence against suspected  “perps” or identifying victims deceased.

Fingerprints and DNA testing you will have heard of.

But how about “lip prints”?

Cheiloscopy (ki-los-ku-pee)

The identification of humans based on lip traces. (Cheilos = “lips” in Greek)

The furrows and grooves on the red part of the lips is individual for every person and that these lip pattern remain stable throughout life.

How useful is this?

Lip traces can be left at the scene of a crime on drinking vessels or cigarette butts.

Matching these traces to the lip pattern of a suspect may be used as part of the evidence against him or her.

What else makes you uniquely “you”?

There other “biometrics” that are individual to each one of us…some that are useful in other ways than solving crime.

  • Voice prints

    The “sound” of your voice is determined by the shape of your vocal cords/ throat/ mouth and be represented as a “voice print” for verification and identification purposes.

  • Breath prints

    The chemicals that you exhale in your breath are unique to you and may be used to identify lung disease.

  • Palatoscopy

    The bumps and grooves of the roof of your mouth (your palate) are, like lips, different for each person and remain unchanged.

  • Oral bacteria

    The bacteria under the gums are unique to each person and may some day allow for early identification of certain diseases.

Spit it out!

So there are some rather new and unusual diagnostic tools that the healthcare professions can use. There may even be a future role for your dentist in healthcare beyond just your teeth!

Saliva tests may also help to identify markers of disease including even some cancers.

As most adults attend their yearly dental check-ups, maybe this could be a good way of spotting things early.

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