Our therapist Mel & her Damon braces


Mel tells us about having her Damon braces off…you can see her before & after photos at the bottom of this post…

About a week before my brace was due to be removed I remember feeling a little nervous whilst removing the brace from one of my own patients, not because I was worried about it hurting just excited to see my teeth and smile without braces.

When the patient first looked in the mirror and saw her amazing new smile I remember thinking this will be me soon…


On the day I think I was having a few mixed emotions, nervous, excited, worried about how my teeth would feel and would it actually make a difference to my face and how I looked in general as I loved how the brace gave me a ‘pout’.

Removing the brace wasn’t too uncomfortable… it was the noises that were worse. I was really dreading having the cement/glue polished off my teeth as I have sensitive teeth and thought it was going to hurt.

I’m happy to say it didn’t. Having my impressions taken was fine too, our hygienist Adelle is very professional and helps you feel more at ease by talking you through what she is doing.  


Finally, Adelle air-polished my teeth and removed all the staining that had built up during my treatment. One of my guilty pleasures is a nice cup of coffee, hence the staining.

I am really pleased with my teeth and only wished I had done it sooner, although saying that, I couldn’t have timed it better as my treatment was finished in time to show off my smile at my birthday party, where I felt like a film star!

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