Monkeys flossing


ID-100218691This excellent footage shows macaque monkeys in Thailand not only using floss, but also teaching their youngsters how to use it too.

There’s no plaque on this macaque…

Watch monkeys flossing with human hair!

So if the monkeys can do it…

Flossing is a pain. Or at least it is if you don’t do it often.

But your dentist is right. Flossing is good for you. Here’s why:

  • Your toothbrush cannot get between your teeth: so you’ll have all sorts of gunk festering there over the days/ months/ years since your last floss
  • Festering gunk (not the official term) causes gum inflammation and then gum disease… which you may not notice until….
  • …your teeth become loose due to loss of bone, which can lead to…
  • …loss of your teeth in the long term.

Once gum disease progresses to periodontal disease, any bone loss around your teeth is usually lost forever. Any treatment after that is damage limitation.

So don’t let gum disease get a foothold… learn to love your flossing!

4 tips to turn you into a flossing fanatic

  1. Experiment!

    There are loads of options… floss (waxed/ unwaxed), “Superfloss” from Oral B (my personal favourite), tape, interdental brushes.

  2. Same time, same place

    Choose the same time each day: first thing in the morning, last thing at night. Keep your flossing paraphernalia at hand where it is easy to get hold of.

  3. Get into a routine

    Start in the same place in your mouth and work round (top left?, bottom right…whatever works). You’ll speed up after just a few days.

  4. Know your pinch points!

    Around the edges of crowns, bridges, implants… even large fillings. These are the areas that can attract the gunk. So if you have any of the above in your mouth, you are definitely in need of your floss… the cleaner you can keep these areas, the longer all of that expensive dental work will last!

Good luck… let’s show those monkeys how it’s done!

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