My first week with Damon braces…


Jemma is one of our orthodontic nurses at here at Cleveland Orthodontics in Teesside. She is one of the many adults who have recently started brace treatment.

After much consideration, Jemma decided to go for a Damon Clear brace…you can read more about Damon braces.

We have asked Jemma to tell us a little bit about what wearing a brace is like for the first seven days.

I wanted to get my teeth straightened so I could feel more confident when I smiled. Seeing the results that can be achieved by working here just made it easier for me to go ahead with the decision and everyone was really supportive.

It was really easy getting my brace fitted and I didn’t feel much while it was happening other than water and air. Mel, one of our therapists made me feel like one of the patients so I knew I was in good hands.

Once it had been fitted my mouth felt very strange but I wasn’t experiencing any pain with the brace. The first night sleeping was okay but when I woke up my mouth felt very dry and felt like my brace was stuck to my lips, this does get easier as you get used to it. I haven’t experienced any ulcers as of yet but did have to use a little bit of wax for a couple of days until my lips got used to the brace.

The second day was more uncomfortable than anything. My teeth began to feel tender when I bit together and ate anything, I just began taking paracetamol and this helped.

A couple of days into having the brace the tenderness started to settle down and I was able to chew food a lot easier

One week after having the brace fitted I was managing a lot better with eating food and my mouth began to feel normal again. It just takes time to get used to everything.

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