Our Smile of the Month for the New Year!


Smile of Month Jan-2

When we met with Liz at our specialist orthodontic practice in Middlesbrough, she told us that she didn’t like her crooked teeth…with one tooth particularly sticking forward at the front of her mouth.

Liz had not had braces as a teenager but felt that it was time to take action!

Read on to learn how we gave Liz the smile that she was looking for…

About Liz’s orthodontic treatment

Liz’s treatment lasted 18 months. There were two main objectives : to make the teeth straight and to also correct the upper “centre line” . If you look carefully at the photograph of the teeth before treatment, you might see that the middle of the top teeth does not match with the middle of the lower teeth.

After considering the different brace options available, Liz chose to have Damon Clear braces for her top teeth and Damon metal braces for the lower teeth.


It will be very important for Liz to wear her removable retainers on a long term basis so that the gaps do not re-appear. There is also an option of having a fixed retainers glued behind the teeth just to make sure!

You can read more about retainers and why we use them.

Here is what Liz had to say about her treatment at Cleveland Orthodontics

‘After years of wondering whether to get braces I decided to be brave and go for it. I was self-conscious and not happy with my teeth. I had my braces on for less time than I expected and was so happy with the results. Everybody at Cleveland Orthodontics was so helpful during my treatment. Thank you so much for my new smile! ‘

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About Cleveland Orthodontics

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