Smile of the Month – July


Smile wider...

Having the confidence to smile is important to most of us whether at work, for special occasions or among family and friends.

Our Smile of the Month for July is Sarah who was not at all pleased with her “fangs”.

About Sarah’s treatment

Sarah was referred to our practice by her dentist at the end of 2013. She told us that she did not like the look of her teeth and that she would like braces to fix them.

Our specialist orthodontists had a good look at Sarah’s teeth. The main problems were that the “fang” teeth were both sticking out and were very noticeable. Sarah’s upper teeth were also protruding forward by several millimetres.

There are good reasons why we like to correct teeth that stick out and teeth that are crowded.

Sarah’s treatment plan required the extraction of two upper premolar teeth, followed by fixed braces. She would then need to wear retainers after the braces were removed so that her teeth would remain straight.

Sarah’s treatment lasted 18 months. She was a model patient with very few breakages and kept her braces and teeth clean all the way. Well done, Sarah!

What now for Sarah?

Wearing retainers after teeth have been straightened is really important as teeth can become crooked again.

We provided Sarah with clear retainers to be worn at night times. You can read more about retainers and why we use them.

Here’s what Sarah had to say about her experience at Cleveland Orthodontics

“I just wanted to thank you to your amazing staff! The work you did on my teeth has made a big difference in the way I smile, it felt weird at first but now I’ve got used to it the world seems so much brighter.

Thank you so much.”

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