A new smile for the spring-time!

Smile for the Spring-time!

Smile for the Spring-time!

Our Smile of the Month for March is Flora who has just finished her brace treatment at Cleveland Orthodontics.

She is pleased with the result…let’s see the pics!

About Flora’s brace treatment

Flora qualified for NHS brace treatment as her teeth were quite crooked. She also had a “centreline” problem which is when the centre of the upper teeth do not line up with the centre of the lower teeth.

All new patients to Cleveland Orthodontics are assessed by a specialist orthodontist. When we saw Flora, we decided that she needed two upper teeth to be extracted followed by metal fixed braces. You can read more about when you might need extractions for orthodontic treatment.

The treatment lasted 18 months from start to finish.


After braces are removed, it will be very important for Flora to wear her removable retainers on a long term basis so that the gaps do not re-appear. There is also an option of having a fixed retainers glued behind the teeth just to make sure!

You can read more about retainers and why we use them.

Here is what Flora had to say…

“I never really thought my teeth were that back, but looking back I now realise that there were very wonky.

I am really pleased I had my treatment, it was definitely worth it!”

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About Cleveland Orthodontics

Our specialist-led practice has been established since 1996 and provides brace treatment to people of all ages from across the North East and Teesside, including Middlesbrough, Yarm, Stockton-on-Tees, Billingham and Redcar.

We offer NHS orthodontic treatment for children and a range of modern white and “invisible” braces for adults of all ages such as Invisalign. FREE consultations are available… you can either telephone for an appointment on 01642 243 020 or book through our website.