5 common things that stain your teeth


Everyone wants straight white teeth. So after brace treatment and tooth lightening, our team at Cleveland Orthodontics advise our patients what foods to avoid to keep that gleaming smile.

Here are our top 5 culprits that can turn your pearly whites into nearly-whites!

·      Tea and coffee

It’s the tannins in tea and “chromogens” in coffee that are responsible for staining.ID-10098372

Tip: try switching to green or herbal tea. Add a splash of milk rather than drinking black. Think about having a few cups a day rather than sipping away all morning, afternoon and evening!

·      Sauces

Curry sauce , soya sauce tomato sauce are prime examples…basically anything that is very deeply coloured. If it stains a table cloth, it can probably stain your teeth.

Tip : reduce your intake. If you are maxing out on curries, you may not be getting your five-a-day recommended fruit and veg intake!

Rinsing  your mouth with water after your meal may also help.

·      Acidic drinks

Fizzy drinks, fruit juices and “sports drinks” can all cause erosion of your teeth if consumed regularly. This makes the enamel of your teeth more likely to pick up staining from other things ( such as tea and coffee).

Tip: reduce intake, switch to water…or drink through a straw so that the drink doesn’t come into contact with your teeth…tricky while running though : )

·      Wine

Red wine has tannins, white wine is acidic and can cause erosion ( see above)…so either way they are not particularly good for teeth in regular and/or large amounts.

Tip : eat food with your wine! Cheese is alkaline which can help neutralise the acidity of your tipple.

·      Cigarettes

Tar and ash from cigarette smoke causes a build up of plaque which attracts staining. Add this to a few glasses of red wine of an evening and there you have it…stained teeth!

Tip : stop! Smoking also causes gum disease and early tooth loss as well as cancer and heart disease…so staining is the least of your worries!

 Other ways to keep your teeth free from stains

Regular tooth brushing ( and regularly changing your toothbrush every 3 months) will tend to keep stains at bay.

Your dentist may be able to offer tooth lightening options can remove staining. There are also products that can be used at home to maintain your new whitened smile!

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