Are white fillings as good as metal fillings?

Which are better...metal or white fillings?

Which are better…metal or white fillings?

A : Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

All types of filling have advantages and disadvantages. The decision on which filling to choose will be based on advice from your dentist ( e.g. what is likely to be the strongest or long-lasting solution) and your own expectations ( such as how much time and money you want to spend).

Read more about the different types of white and metal fillings here.

 Q: Are white fillings available on the NHS?

A : Yes, for front teeth and for fillings on the sides of the back teeth. But usually not for the biting surfaces of the back teeth.

Most dental practices will offer a range of options outside of the NHS.

 Q : Do white fillings last as long as metal fillings in back teeth?

A: White composite fillings in the back molar teeth may wear down quicker than metal fillings and therefore need replacing more often ( although this depends on how strong your biting forces are). Porcelain inlays and crowns may last longer.

 Q : When are white fillings a good idea?

A : The main reason is if you feel a metal filling would look unsightly. Another reason may be if a tooth is very badly broken down or there is a very large hole to fill….in which case a white filling material may be able to actually “bind’ the tooth together to make it stronger. Your dentist will advise on this.

 Q : When might metal be a better option?

A : If you have strong biting forces, it may be better to choose a metal filling rather than a white composite filling for your back teeth. Metal fillings may also be cheaper and quicker to place.

 Q : Are silver mercury fillings unsafe…should I get them replaced with white fillings on health grounds?

A : Silver amalgam fillings are safe…and British Dental Association advice is that metal fillings should not be replaced with white fillings unless there is a clinical or aesthetic reason.

Read more about the safety of silver amalgam fillings.

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