Why are my lower teeth crooked?


Along with gaps and sticking out teeth, crooked teeth are one of the commonest reasons that people come to see us at Cleveland Orthodontics.

Why are they crooked?

If you have a small lower jaw or large teeth (or both) there will not be enough room for them to be straight

Lower front teeth tend to become more crooked with age, even if they started off straight in your younger years.

Orthodontic relapse is another reason, where teeth which have moved back after a course of brace treatment.

So what?

If teeth are very crooked, gum disease may be more likely to occur if oral hygiene is not maintained. But this is not usually a reason to have them straightened with braces. Professional advice about tooth cleaning should be all you need.

wonky teethThe main reason for people to seek treatment is for cosmetic reasons, especially if the crowding is in the upper teeth.

For lower teeth, this becomes a more personal issue. Most people don’t show their lower teeth so may be happy to accept some crookedness.

But others are more self-conscious and may want to have them straightened, especially if the crowding is quite marked, or if there are other factors such as staining and tooth wear.

What can be done?

Specialist orthodontists undergo considerable training to be able to assess and provide treatment for orthodontic problems.

Not all the techniques listed here are suitable for everyone. A suitably trained specialist will be able to give you appropriate advice.

  • Fixed braces : if crowding is quite marked or if there are other issues such as sticking out teeth,a full course of orthodontic treatment may be the best approach. Fixed braces are available in metal or white ceramic.
  • Sectional braces: these are fitted on only the front few teeth, perfect if crowding is not too bad.
  • Invisalign: clear removable aligners. This technique is suitable for mild to moderate crowding…but maybe not if teeth are very crooked.
  • New retainers: if you have previously worn braces but your teeth have relapsed, a new set of retainers may stop you teeth relapsing further

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