Why choose a white brace? FAQs from Cleveland Orthodontics.


shutterstock_198386222White braces have been around for many years but are now more popular than ever.

They are suitable if you don’t want to wear metal “train tracks”. They allow you to go about your daily routine without most people not even noticing that you are wearing a brace.

Here are the answers to some common questions that are asked at Cleveland Orthodontics.

Do they work any better than metal braces?

No they don’t. Teeth can be straightened just as effectively with metal braces. In fact there are some situations where it may be easier to straighten teeth with metal braces for lower teeth.

So even though white braces look great, your orthodontist may suggest a metal lower brace if he or she thinks it will be more effective.

Can people still notice that I have a brace on?

Most probably will not! Many of our patients comment that after having white braces fitted, many of their close friends and family did not even notice!

Saying that, they are not completely “invisible” and some people will still spot that you are wearing them (and will be probably be fascinated by them!)

Is it true that they can become discoloured?

The “squares” do not but the clear elastics that hold the wires in can stain with some foodstuffs. Also the white wires can become “grey” if your tooth brushing is over-vigorous!

To prevent these from happening, we provide our patients with a list of food and drink to avoid whilst in treatment. We will also teach you how to brush your teeth and braces gently! You can see our Brace Care Video here.

Even if some discolouration occurs, we can change the wires or elastics any time for you so you get your nice white braces straight back again.

What are my alternatives to white braces?

  • Invisalign: clear removable aligners which you can take in and out.
  • Damon brace: a combination of metal and white braces which can be effective if teeth are very crowded
  • Lingual braces: fixed braces that are fitted behind the teeth
  • Metal braces: these are still worn by may adult patients who are not concerned about the appearance of their braces. They are just as effective as white braces.

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