Smile of the Month – June

Every month we are going to feature one of our patients who has benefitted from braces. Our first Smile of the Month is Sophie who was not happy with her crooked top teeth.

Treatment for Sophie took 10 months with an fixed brace.

Why was treatment needed?

Sophie was referred to Cleveland Orthodontics and seen by one of our specialist orthodontists to discuss her concerns and her options for treatment. Crooked teeth at the front of the mouth are usually very noticeable. Orthodontic treatment allows the teeth to be straightened so that patients can feel confident about their smile. When teeth are very crooked, they can also be harder to clean. Read more about the benefits of treating crooked teeth here.

What type of brace was used…and why?

A metal fixed brace was used on the upper teeth to not only straighten them, but to also make the “bite” better. You will notice on the start photos that some of the upper teeth were sitting behind the lower teeth…which is the wrong way round! Fixed braces are very effective at moving teeth as your orthodontist can control where the teeth move with a high level of accuracy. They are available in metal or white. You can read about how the wires and the squares (brackets) of fixed braces work. After the fixed braces were removed, an upper clear retainer was provided for wear at night times. Wearing retainers is really important…otherwise teeth can go crooked again. Here are 4 things you need to know about retainers.

What did our patient think about her brace treatment?

“I was desperate to have braces fitted because I was self-conscious about my crooked teeth. It only took nine months and everybody at Cleveland Orthodontics was so nice. I’m delighted with the results – my teeth look better than I could have imagined. Thank you!”

About Cleveland Orthodontics

Our specialist-led practice has been established since 1996 and provides brace treatment to people of all ages from across the North East, including Middlesbrough, Yarm, Stockton-on-Tees, Billingham and Redcar.

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