What are retainers?

Retainers are fitted as soon as possible after the fixed braces are removed. They hold the teeth in their new straight position. If retainers are not worn, your teeth will become crooked again.

Please note: If your teeth do go crooked because the retainers are not worn as instructed, we will not be able to re-straighten them.

When should I wear the retainers?

You should wear them all of the time, including at bed times. The only time the retainers should be taken out are:

  • When cleaning your teeth morning and night
  • For main meals
  • If playing contact sports e.g. rugby, martial arts. If you are playing football, hockey, or going swimming, you should keep your brace in if possible.
  • Unless you have been asked to do so by your orthodontist.

If you need to take the retainer out for sports or at meal times, keep it safe in a box, so that they do not get lost or broken.

Please note: If your retainers are lost or broken, there will be a charge for replacement.

Keep your retainers clean

Clean your retainer with water morning and night, and also after meal times. It is a good idea to take a small tooth brush to school for cleaning after meal times.

We sell “Retainer Brite” at reception, which also helps to keep the retainers clean. Retainer Brite is specially formulated to clean plastic braces.

Telephone us immediately if you have any problems

If you have any problems, e.g. if you have broken your retainer, please telephone the practice on
01642 243 080 during opening hours, and we will give you an appointment. Or you can leave a message on the answer machine, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.